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Director / Producer / Co-Writer

Matthew Bonifacio

Writer, Actor and Producer

Carmine Famiglietti

Managing Member,

Producer/Exec. Producer

Marc Evan Victor


Cesar A. Baez


Stephen Ashkinos
Sophia Antonini
Harry Greenberger

Director of Photography

William M. Miller

Edited By

Jim Rubino

Original Music

Carlo Giacco

Associate Producers

Bob Linton
Amber LaFrance

Director of Operations and Marketing

Julianna Gelinas

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At 27-years-old, Neil Perota lives at home with his parents in Brooklyn, works for his father driving a school bus and weighs over 300 pounds. Just two days before his sister’s wedding, he suffers a heart attack, creating family chaos and forcing Neil to re-evaluate his life. The next day, he heads upstate and buys a dilapidated trailer in the middle of nowhere with plans to kick his addiction to food in isolation. Two hundred miles from the comforts of home, Neil learns how to compromise, love, and survive – and that change – real change – comes from within.

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