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Directed By

Paul Kampf

Screenplay By

Sarah Hehman
Christi Sperry

Produced By

Paul Kampf
Ted Field
Aldo LaPietra
Benjamin Friedberg
Megan Messmer, Co-Producer
Victoria Smurfit, Associate Producer


Lauren Bowles
Victoria Smurfit
Suleka Mathew
Michelle Arthur
Max Ryan

coming soon

Best Fake Friends

Best Fake Friends follows Joy, our hero, who gives up her career and moves for the third time to support her husband's escalating career. Now a stay at home mom with a preteen girl and younger son, she tries to find her way in a dangerous new world of suburban wealth and bored housewives.

Joy is welcomed into the cool clique by Nikki, the leader of the pack, who is as duplicitous as she is inviting. Joy has friends for first time in years and begins to sacrifice who she is to be accepted by her new tribe. However, she soon finds herself crossing lines she never knew existed.

Before she knows it, she's becoming a person she doesn't recognize and her actions nearly fracture her family. But Joy is as resilient as she is smart, so she carefully turns the tables on Nikki, and reveals her true colors.

Homecoming is a unique dark comedy that shows the dangerous world that still exists long after one leaves high school.

Playdates City Venue
9.23.2016San Francisco CAOpera Plaza
9.23.2016Minneapolis MNLagoon
9.30.2016Portland ORCinema 21
10.7.2016Seattle WACrest
10.14.2016Music BoxLaemmle

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