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Written, Directed and Produced by

Jamie Kastner


Peter Keleghan


Greg West

Line Producer

Diana Warmé

Director of Photography

Derek Rogers

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The Secret Disco Revolution

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An idiosyncratic black-comic journey into the moral-political-aesthetic soul (if indeed there is one) of disco, the world’s most frustratingly enduring pop form.

Filmmaker Jamie Kastner investigates disco’s bizarrely clean modern incarnations (“Silent Disco,” “Baby Loves Disco,” “Spins and Needles” (disco knitting) meets revisionist historians (Peter Shapiro, author, “Turn The Beat Around” who claims disco was gay/black/blue collar protest music) not to mention a disco PhD and a glittery gaggle of 70 icons, Kastner will seek to answer such burning (baby, burning) questions as:
Having survived precisely because of it’s utterly vapidity and fun why now does disco suddenly crave respectability? Was it in fact protest music in clever disguise or government-approved decadent escapism? Why did Kastner, as a groovy 7 year old, never really get the appeal of disco the first time? And moreover, is it too late to get his disco groove on now?

Interview subjects fall into three basic groups: Icons, Rebels and EggheadsThe cinematic journey bops from past to present, verité to ironic reenactment/dream sequences to interviews with a range of experts, luminaries, and devotees.

Playdates City Venue
06.28.2013San FranciscoOpera Plaza Cinema
06.28.2013BerkeleyShattuck Cinemas
06.28.2013MinneapolisLagoon Cinema
06.28.2013SeattleVarsity Theatre

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