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Produced and Directed By

Tracy Droz Tragos
Andrew Droz Palermo

Edited By

Jim Hession

Director of Photography

Andrew Droz Palermo

Music By

Nathan Halpern

Executive Producers

Robert A. Compton
Michael J. Zak


David Armillei
Chris Tragos

now playing

Rich Hill

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Rich Hill, Missouri (population 1393). Off the highway, next to the railroad track. ANDREW, 14, works on his bike, talks dreams with his dad, practices dance moves with his twin sister. He’s just like a lot of American teenagers, except that his days are often also about survival. HARLEY, 15, lives with his grandma and eight other members of his extended family because his mom is in prison for attempted murder. Still, Harley is the first guy in the room to crack a joke and make you laugh when you least expect it. APPACHEY, 13, finds solace in skateboards and, despite his intelligence, has had to repeat the 6th grade, which doesn’t come close to fixing what’s broken in his life. These boys can be tough – they know how to walk with a clenched-jaw stare like they have nothing to lose. But when you get to know them up-close, you see their insight, their humor, and their determination to survive. And despite the isolation and brutality of their circumstances, their hope for a brighter future persists. They imagine that their hard work will be rewarded, and that, although there is no road map or role model, even they can live the American dream.

Playdates City Venue
8.8.2014St. Louis MOPlaza
8.15.2014Minneapolis MNLagoon
8.22.2014Indianapolis INKeystone
8.22.2014Atlanta GAMidtown
8.22.2014Berkeley CAShattuck

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